Madeleine Humpal-Pash presenting her pitch at the undergraduate startup incubator

$5,000 awarded at end of semester pitches

Madeleine Humpal-Pash was among five University of Iowa students who shared $5,000 in prize money at the undergraduate Startup Incubator End of Semester Pitch Competition on Dec. 9 in the Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory in Iowa City, Iowa.
Portrait of James Ankrum

UI professor to research collaborative regenerative medicine in Ireland

James Ankrum, a University of Iowa biomedical engineering professor, will bring his expertise in cell biology to a world-renowned research lab in Dublin.
James Ankrum works with students in his lab

James Ankrum receives prestigious Fulbright award to study regenerative medicine in Ireland

James Ankrum, an associate professor in biomedical engineering, has been selected for a Fulbright Scholar Award in Ireland for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Collage of student researchers

'Inside the Lab' series returns with more stories from ITI student researchers

Several University of Iowa students are featured in the Iowa Technology Institute's spotlight series, “Inside the Lab: Student Stories,” promoting the student researchers who make vital contributions to the labs at ITI. In the spotlight series, the students, in their own words, discuss their research experiences, why they chose the University of Iowa, future goals, and more.
Diagram showing wound healing with fat cells

Sander, Ankrum findings add understanding of fat tissue in healing wounds

A team of University of Iowa scholars led by faculty affiliates with the Iowa Technology Institute released findings this week that expanded the understanding of the role fat tissue plays in healing wounds and may help to uncover and develop fat-related wound healing treatments.
A student assembles face shields

College of Engineering helps fill UI face shield gap

The Roy J. Carver Department of Biomedical Engineering spent the week making more than 1,000 face shields to protect health care workers while they tend to patients who have or are suspected of having the COVID-19 virus.
Lin Di and Hannah Dobroski do research in James Ankrum’s lab

Undergrads learn resilience in the lab

The University of Iowa’s strategic plan calls on the university to perform high-impact research and to provide a transformative academic experience that educates all UI students to be engaged citizens. Hundreds of faculty and staff at Iowa are quietly and busily teaching students to be inquisitive and to strive for discovery.